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    I am stuck with challenge 5. Quite lost of what’s happening. Couldn’t find opportunity.account.type

    Error message:
    A new Opportunity with a ‘Prospecting’ stage for a ‘Prospect’ Account did not successfully create a Task for the Account owner with the Subject ‘Send Marketing Materials’.

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    Hey Loh

    Opportunity.acct.type refers to the prospect acct here.
    your err is basically stating that when the opportunity with prospecting stage and prospect was inserted,…the task was not created successfully.

    so check that the process builder is active, the it is set to when record is created and edited and then check that it check the opportunity and opportunity acct type condition and if yes… create a record>task> give proper subject headline and it shud work.
    you can also debug the Process builder is still issue persists

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    An Opportunity with the Stage ‘Negotiation/Review’ and the Amount greater than $100,000 was not successfully submitted for approval upon creation.

    getting this error ..

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    HEY ye

    Try debugging the issue it would be easier to check at wat point the issue lies. This error just says to me that something has went wrong.

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    Just open the Dev Console and do the activity again. In the down left corner, you’ll see logs generated for the activity. Open any and in filter search task or search for exceptions. There will mostly be some field missing which might hinder task creation. Let me know.

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