Salesforce Certification Free Vouchers 2022

Attending a paid class or a free webinar can land you coupon codes and vouchers for $100 off, a $70 discount off, and even a full $200 discount on any exams for your salesforce certification. That being said, brings down your exam expenses to a total of $100 and some taxes.

Free PD1 certificate Readiness Test here

Salesforce Certification Coupon Codes

Let’s do some good karma and share these with people who might make the best use of it! And rather not start charging for it to others..!

coupon code

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Salesforce Certification Vouchers

The below vouchers can be used for up to 3 exams. Let me know in the comments if the codes are working/not working and we can together keep this page updated 🙂

Coupon CodeDiscountLast Used
SFCDWSUCCESS804511$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamAug 2022
Expires Nov 30, 2022
SFCDWSUCCESS702171$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamAugust 2022
SFCERTONEOFF_071422$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamAugust 2022
SFCDWSUCCESS609045$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamAugust 2022
SFCDWSUCCESS506339  $40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamJune 2022 [Expired]
SFCDWSUCCESS204569$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamJune 2022 [Expired]
SFCDWSUCCESS306488$40 off on any $200 Salesforce Certification ExamJune 2022 [Expired]
SFCDWSUCCESS902122 140 $ OFFCourtesy to Ankith in comments

All Certification Day webinar attendees will receive a coupon code for a $70USD(changes from time to time) discount on any $200 exam! Click here to register for salesforce cert-day and earn your coupons by attending upcoming webinars starting from January 2021.

Also, contact us if you have useful vouchers or material that can be useful for someone in Trailhead.

Together we Grow, Alone we just are late to the right place at the right time.

Planning on a full 200-dollar coupon for the (here’s how I did my free certification exam, sponsored by trailhead)? Participate in Trailhead Quests for a chance to earn a Free Salesforce Certification Voucher. These quests are updated every month, though you must check the eligibility and make sure to comply.

Learn and Earn 2022

Complete any AP exam prep curriculum in PLC or Earn an AP credential by passing the exam between Aug 1 to Oct 31 to earn a FREE Accredited Professional exam voucher.

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Let the universe renounce some goodness on you 😇

162 thoughts on “Salesforce Certification Free Vouchers 2022”

    • Hey vishrut. The codes are all working and will continue to… atleast until this year as indicated by Salesforce. If u still face issue using it. Please feel free to join the telegram group and get the help needed. I have myself cleared my exam with a 200 dollar coupon. You can check that article too in case.
      Thank you 🙂

      • Hi Admin,

        1. Can you please share the 200$ coupon which you used to clear the exam

        2. Please share the link for joining the Telegram group

        • Hey Bhavik

          1. The coupon codes are one time use and now are hereby useless.


          Bonus: find the link above to attend a webinar and thereby earn a cert voucher dude!

  1. Please remove the content protection for the coupon codes. It is easy to make a mistake when typing. The codes for 2021 did not work.

    $70 off of any $200 exam (on up to 3 exams).
    Your coupon will expire on 31/03/2021

    LATAMCERTDAYS0520200SP $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    SFAMERCERTDAYS0620SPKTBZ $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    2020SFAMERCERTDAYS0520200SP $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    2020SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021
    SFAPACCERTDAYS042020S $100 off $200 Feb 29, 2021

  3. Hi can you please send me a coupon for $100 for retake exam in salesforce admin certification 2021 ( can this coupon can be used in KRYTERION Global testing solutions) please suggest with a coupon.

    • All coupons as stated above can be used for exam or retake exam and all these are used on krysterion only as Sf certificates are done there only। Thanks and regards

  4. Salesforce Certification Coupon Codes for April 2021
    Dear All,

    I am going to take Salesforce Develop 1 on May. Could you please share with me if you have any discount code for taken this exam?

    Thanks so much.

  5. Dear Team,

    Any $100 coupon available for April 2021? I tried the certificate webinar but will get only $40 coupon. Can you help provide coupon or webinar link which will give $100 or $200 coupons?

  6. I am planning to write platform app builder April month 2021. Can anyone share a coupon which takes away $100/$70?
    Any help is greatly appreciated

  7. HI, I need to do Admin Certification. Can anyone share the coupon for 100$ or 200$ please. It will be great help.


  8. Hi Admin,

    I hereby request, please let me know if any $100 coupon is available for Email Specialist. I tried a lot but not finding any one. All are expired or inactive.

    Thank you so much in advance for the help.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Admin,

    i have tried all the voucher codes but could not find any active $100 coupon. Please email me if any $100 coupon fro PD! exam.

    Thank you so much in advance fro the help.


  10. Thanks in advance. I have planned to sit for the PD2 retake exam at the end of Sep 2021, could you please provide me $100 valid coupon valid up to Sep 2021.

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Hi,

    I have planned to sit for the certification Developer II and Javascript Developer at the end year 2021.
    Could you please provide me $100 coupon valid up to December 21/february 22.



  12. I want PL C Accredited professional voucher $150.if anyone have please msg,I will pay for is very necessary to me.

  13. Anyone please help me 75 USD vouchers for the Associate exam or if anyone has 200 usd for the salesforce admin exam please .


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