Level Up with Salesforce and Win Free Certificate voucher!

Want to earn your certification free and sponsored by the trailhead community? Just do the learning and sign up for the level-up challenge.

This is a talent program by Trailhead Salesforce Community!

You can earn Salesforce Certification Vouchers by simply completing some quizzes and that is amazing! Sign up here for the vouchers

Check out the ongoing quests for vouchers every month. They change from time to time.

I have completed the below and it was easy. I have also share the post with full solutions to help someone at any step needed.

Who qualifies for the Level Up Challenge?

● Eligible participants are those who are not yet Salesforce-credentialed (i.e. have not completed a Super Set nor hold an active Salesforce certification) and are pursuing their first credential through this campaign.

● To be eligible, participants must sign up for the Level Up Challenge with the email address associated with their Trailhead account (Trailhead > Settings > Email Accounts).

● After sign-up, eligible participants must complete the Admin, Developer, or App Builder Super Set in Trailhead.

What is a Trailhead Super Set?

Trailhead is Salesforce’s free learning platform that gives step-by-step instruction in bite-sized chunks and interactive challenges. ​Super Sets​ are a series of superbadges, which are extended learning modules focused on real-world business scenarios for a specific role. Super Sets give individuals the opportunity to prove their expertise in a given domain and take the next step toward getting certified.

How will Super Set completions be tracked?

● The Trailhead for Partners Talent Programs team will compare the email address provided at sign-up to a participant’s Trailhead activity.

● To ensure accurate tracking and distribution, participants must sign up with the email address associated with their Trailhead account. You can do this by going to Trailhead and accessing your settings. From there, you will be able to see and edit the email address associated with your Trailhead account.

What does it mean to be Salesforce-credentialed?

● Individuals are considered “credentialed” when they complete a Super Set and/or pass a certification exam.

What rules must be followed to earn a certification voucher?

● In order to be eligible for a voucher, individuals must meet all eligibility criteria for the Level Up Challenge as set forth above.

● Limit one (1) voucher per eligible participant, while supplies last.

● Eligible participants may only receive one (1) certification exam voucher valid for either the Administrator, Platform Developer I, or Platform App Builder certification exam.

Are there any restrictions when using my certification voucher?

● Vouchers may only be used to take the Salesforce Administrator, Platform Developer I, or Platform App Builder certification exam valued at $200 USD or less.

● Participants must register for and take the exam before the expiration date, January 31, 2021.

● Vouchers are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and are eligible for use by the intended recipient only.

● Salesforce will not issue retake vouchers for failed exams.

● Other restrictions may apply.

How and when will I receive a certification voucher?

● If all qualifications are met, the Trailhead for Partners Talent Programs team will send mail address provided at sign-up within 30 days of the date you complete the Super Set.

● If you haven’t heard from the Trailhead for Partners Talent Programs team within 30 days of completing your Super Set, email ​trailheadforpartners@salesforce.com​.

How can I prepare for the certification exam?

● Before taking the exam, review the exam guide for the certification you’re pursuing:

○ Salesforce Certified Administrator ​exam guide
○ Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I ​exam guide
○ Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder ​exam guide

● You can also ​sign up​ for a free certification prep course and review these ​tips​.

Where can I go if I get stuck on the badges?

● The ​Trailblazer Community​ is full of folks happy to help along the way!

What resources exist to skill up when you’re already Salesforce-credentialed?

There are a variety of opportunities to deepen expertise outside of this campaign including free partner enablement​ ​workshops and classes​,​ ​certification prep courses​, ​and 50+ modules on​ ​Partner Learning Camp​, the insider’s guide to build, sell and implement better and faster than ever before.

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27 thoughts on “Level Up with Salesforce and Win Free Certificate voucher!”

  1. Hi,

    I have Salesforce Admin and PD1 certification but not App builder certification.
    If I complete above 2 super badges, will I be eligible to get the voucher for App Builder certification.

    My trailhead and webassessor accounts are already linked. How can I show the completion of both superbadges to get the voucher.

    • It’s valid only for someone with none certification done till now. Check the eligibility clause. You can still get vouchers to decrease the amount by 100 to 150 dollars. Wait for next article you can subscribe to stay notified 🙂

  2. Can you please let me know how to sign up for this (Any link) ?

    Also, i have already completed one superset (Process automation specialist) and yet to start the second superset. Am i not eligible for this?

    • Hi teju. You need to register at the level up signup. And then only complete any superset. You can always start with a new fresh ptofile to be eligible. Cos if u already have the badges it might not get done.

  3. I did my Both Apex Specialist And Process Automation Super Badge but I didnt get any Vouchers.
    And how can I get it?

    • Check for eligibility.
      If you already have a certification active or you haven’t signed up. You might not receive any. And lastly Mail them. I recieved mine this month only.

  4. I am eligible and have compeleted my superbadges how long it will take to get my $200 vouchers.

    And how can I reach them?

        • No the number is not 200 vouchers. The voucher is of 200 dollar value. There are certain unrevealed number of it. And it wud last till this year on first come first get basis.

          • Hello, I have a question about this level up challenge.As per terms and conditions – The person should not be certified and would not have done supersets. I am not yet certified and after registeration I completed two supersets for Developer profile.But before registeration I have already done two Einstein Analytics supersets. Am I still eligible or not?

          • Hey there. You can anyday try making a new id and just disown the old id 🤣. I mean make a new id and register with new mail id. Connect that to linkedin profile or something to make it appear genuine. Complete the supersets and clain the voucher. The id should be genuine. Ensure to support that.

  5. I have my created trailhead account using my personal emial ID & then merge account with company’s email id.
    1. while filling the form which should I mentioned
    2. by when I will get the confirmation email for enrollment

  6. Hello Admin, I already have a Trailhead account, I have some modules/projects and 1 superbadge completed with the Admin path, BUT I haven’t finished it all, I still have more modules and projects and superbadges to complete from the Salesforce ADMIN trail path, am I still eligible to participate in this ? Also I tried taking certification exams, but I failed, so I yet do NOT have any Certification completed, so am I still eligible ?

  7. I have completed one super badge (process automation specialist) and yet to finish second super set . Am I eligible for voucher ?

    How much time it will take

  8. Hi,
    I wanted to know if the promotion for free Certification vouchers still going on? I am almost halfway on my trailhead journey and wanted to register for the voucher well ahead of the time.


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