Superbadge Process Automation Specialist – Full Solutions

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Process Automation Specialist Superbadge
Process Automation Specialist Superbadge Owned

Let’s solve this developer Superbadge Process Automation Specialist for the Level up challenge.

Steps to Superbadge
Challenge 1: Automate Leads
Challenge 2: Automate Accounts
Challenge 3: Create Robot Setup Object
Challenge 4: Create Sales Process and Validate Opportunities
Challenge 5: Automate Opportunities
Challenge 6: Create Flow for Opportunities
Challenge 7: Automate Setups

Challenge 1: Automate Leads

Stuck on Superbadge Process Automation specialist Step 1?

Validation rule on Lead

Search for Validation rule and create a new under Leads

Rule Name: Anything

Error Condition Formula :


Create two Queues:

Search in quick box and select lead as object and create the below queues.

Queue Name: Rainbow Sales ; AND Assembly System Sales

Assignment Rule:

Search from quick box and create a new.

Rule Name: Anything

Create two rule entries and fill like below.

Automation Specialist Lead
Automation Specialist rules

Challenge 2: Automate Accounts

Issue with Superbadge Process Automation specialist Step 2?

Create 4 Roll Up Summary fields as below:

Field 1: Label: Number of deals
Summary Type: COUNT
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: None

Field 2: Label: Number of won deals 
Summary Type: COUNT
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won

Field 3: Label: Last won deal date 
Summary Type: MAX
Field to Aggregate: Opportunity: Close Date
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won

Field 4: Label: Amount of won deals
Summary Type: SUM
Field to Aggregate: Opportunity: Amount
Summarized Object: Opportunity
Filter Criteria: Stage EQUALS Closed Won

And 2 Formula Fields with below:

Field 5:Label: Deal win percent 
Return Type: Percent
Decimal Places: 2
Formula: (Number_of_won_deals__c / Number_of_deals__c)

Field 6:Label: Call for Service
Return Type: Text
Formula: IF( DATE( YEAR(Last_won_deal_date__c)+2 , MONTH(Last_won_deal_date__c),DAY(Last_won_deal_date__c) ) <= TODAY(), “Yes”, “No”)

Create 2 validation rules as below

Validation Rule 1 : Rule Name : US_Address (Anything)

Error Condition Formula :

),NOT(OR(BillingCountry ="US",BillingCountry ="USA",BillingCountry ="United States", ISBLANK(BillingCountry))),
NOT(OR(ShippingCountry ="US",ShippingCountry ="USA",ShippingCountry ="United States", ISBLANK(ShippingCountry))))

Error Message : You can not save a new account unless the shipping and billing state fields are valid US state abbreviations, and the country field is either blank or US, USA, or United States.

Error Location : Top Of Page

VALIDATION RULE 2 : Rule Name : Name Change

Error Condition Formula :

ISCHANGED( Name ) && ( OR( ISPICKVAL( Type ,'Customer - Direct') ,ISPICKVAL( Type ,'Customer - Channel') ))

Error Message : You can’t change the Account name for “Customer – Direct” or “Customer – Channel”

Error Location : Account Name

Sometimes when validation is right and it doesn’t work rightly just delete and recreate it from scratch.

Challenge 3: Create Robot Setup Object

Help on Superbadge Process Automation specialist Step 3?

Create a custom object Robot Setup with a Master-Detail relationship to the opportunity include Autonumber the record name, starting with 0 using name format: ROBOT SETUP-{0000}.

Use the following field names.

Date, Date__c : Date type
Notes, Notes__c : Text type
Day of the Week, Day_of_the_Week__c : Number

Challenge 4: Create Sales Process and Validate Opportunities

Issue with Step 4 Superbadge process automation specialist?

Start by adding a field to Opportunity
Approval: Checkbox type
Ideally, the sales reps shouldn’t be able to check that box and only system administrators like and sales managers should be able to check it. Though it doesn’t throw an error for that condition.

Also, Click on the Opportunity field STAGE and add a picklist value as “Awaiting Approval”

Next, create a sales process under opportunities by searching the sales process in the Search box. Add the desired fields as below

Next add the Opportunity Validation Rule with error formula as below

IF(( Amount > 100000 && Approved__c <> True && ISPICKVAL( StageName,'Closed Won') ),True,False)

Challenge 5: Automate Opportunities

Stuck on Step 5 of Process Automation Specialist?

Create Three Email Templates:
Finance: Account Creation,
SALES: Opportunity Needs Approval,
Sales: Opportunity Approval Status 

Create related Email Alert from search box for the templates above.

Create an approval process:

Search for the approval process and select an opportunity object.

Criteria :
(Opportunity: Stage EQUALS Negotiation/Review) AND (Opportunity: Amount GREATER THAN 100000)
SALES: Opportunity Needs Approval——->Template. Make sure to populate your manager as Nushi Davoud in Manage Users.

Create a process with process builder
Opportunity object with option created and updated.

Node 1 Criteria.: Opportunity.Account Type = customer and Opportunity.account id not equal to null

Node 2 Criteria.: Opportunity.Account Type = Prospect, Opportunity stage = prospecting and Opportunity.account id not equal to null

Node 3 Criteria.: Opportunity Stage = Negotiation/Review and Opportunity Amount > 100,000

Node 4 Criteria.: Opportunity Stage = Closed Won

Action for Node 1 Email Alert to mail notifies account creation : Finance: Account Creation.

Action for Node 2 :
Email Alert to mail notifies account creation : Finance: Account Creation.
Create a Record: Task with any name but mandatory subject line ‘Send Marketing Materials’.
Make sure the string has no full stop or comma to it.
Assigned to the Account owner

Action for Node 3: Approvals
Choose the one we created for the opportunity here. And it takes care of the process thereby.

Action for Node 4: Record for Robot Setup
Set fields as below and Date formula being ( closed date +180 )

Make sure in active other processes in Processes to avoid interfere:

Challenge 6: Create Flow for Opportunities

Help on Superbadge Process Automation specialist Step 6?

Create Flow named Product Quick Search

Create Flow for Opportunities
Create Flow for Opportunities

Element 1: Screen component from the palette
Name: Product Quick Search

screen component

Add Record Button from the Input as below:
Label: Product Type
Data Type: Text
Required: Check
Under Choices: Add new resource
Type: Choice
Create three choices as below for RainbowBot, CloudyBot, and Assemble Systems.

Element 2: Get Record as below
Label: Search Prod select object as Product.

get record

Under Record Collection: Add New Resource Filterresult: Variable Type as below.

Element 3: Loop as below


Add New Resource Loop : Variable Type as below.

Element 4: Assignment as below


Add New Resource Looptxt1 : Variable Type as below.

Element 5: Screen as below.


Save and Activate the flow.
Now search Lightning App Builder
Add New page: Select Record Type
Label: Product_Quick_Search
Object: Opportunity

Pick any template
And Drag and drop Flows from Left palette, select the flow we made and Save!

Challenge 7: Automate Setups

Stuck on Step 7 Process Automation Superbadge?

This is probably the most simple step to be stuck on for days!
Let’s solve it to claim our badge super fast!
Search for the field “Day of the Week” on robot object and change the field type from Number to formula field of return type: text and use the below formula.

If you don’t find the formula field in the edit option of the field, you can delete and recreate the field with the same name as well.

Formula being :

Case ( WEEKDAY( Date__c ),

Go to the Process we created in step 5. Clone this Process. Go to action on the last node where we set up robo record. Change formula of date field from [Opportunity].CloseDate + below formula.

CASE(MOD([Opportunity].CloseDate + 180 - DATE(1900, 1, 7),7), 0, [Opportunity].CloseDate + 181, 6, [Opportunity].CloseDate + 182, [Opportunity].CloseDate + 180)

And with this, we complete the challenge! Share and grow together..!
For more, we always have the back of the community and you can drop me a comment if it helped!

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14 thoughts on “Superbadge Process Automation Specialist – Full Solutions”

  1. Hi, thanks for the guide. I am managing to solve everything by myself, but I wonder something. Regarding step 5, if you change the stage of the opportunity and change back to prospecting, another task “Send marketing materials” would be created. I guess this trailhead superbadge should also teach a way to avoid this, I mean, only creating a task when the stage is prospecting once, and not everytime it changes to prospecting.

    • Quite interesting 🤔
      Though would have to take it to the trailhead badge authors…
      Though in my view … superbadges are more like test than learning modules. These are resume worthy for particular reason..

  2. Step 5 I keep getting the following message:

    Challenge Not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
    An Opportunity with the Stage ‘Negotiation/Review’ and the Amount greater than $100,000 was not successfully submitted for approval upon creation.

    But I’m not sure why?

  3. Amazing blog to go through and understand the steps in detail.

    Helped me to learn few stuffs.

  4. Thanks for this! Many useful tips and guide. For some areas where I was finding it difficult to figure the approach I needed to take, the guide here came in handy.

  5. Challenge Not yet complete… here’s what’s wrong:
    There was an unexpected error in your org which is preventing this assessment check from completing: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING, Required fields are missing: [Discount_Percent__c]: [Discount_Percent__c]

  6. A bit confused about challenge 5. According to the solution provided, if an opportunity is customer account type, then it will never go through the approval process.

    • Hy Will, I can surely be wrong as I completed this in my initial days learning salesforce. feel free to rectify just send me a screenshot showing ur code works fine.

  7. Hii,
    Your validation rules are incorrect. The condition to check for billing and shipping states are inside AND. For AND to be true, all the conditions inside it should be true. But in your logic, you are using LEN(BillingState)>2. If you enter a billing state with 2 characters that means the condition automatically becomes false and this means the expression inside AND can never be True to throw the error even if the sates entered do not follow the US states criteria.
    You can try it out yourself by entering a shipping state like ‘TT’ which should throw the error but it won’t.

    • Hy Appu, I can surely be wrong as I completed this in my initial days learning salesforce. feel free to rectify just send me a screenshot showing ur code works fine. I don’t get much time these days to redo the challenges. your effort will be highly appreciated by fellow readers.


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