Trusted IP Ranges: 2 Ways to whitelist IP address in Salesforce

Many a times a small minor thing ticks over the mind.

IP address salesforce

While having a verification code being sent over is necessarily a great security aid, it can sometimes be annoying. Think of having one specific client-approved credential and having to ask people for verification codes sent to them, each time you try to log in.

To save the hassle we set trusted IP ranges in salesforce beforehand.

What does it do? It just lets salesforce identify your system from the worldwide crowd and lets you login in case you have proper credentials and won’t necessitate having an additional verification.

How do we set trusted IP ranges in salesforce or ‘How do we whitelist the IP address/range in Salesforce’?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Whitelisting the IP Ranges as per the requirement

(A) Globally Whitelisting IP ranges for the whole Salesforce Org in general

  1. Click on Setup within Salesforce
  2. Enter the Security Control in Quick Find/Search Box and Click on Network Access
  3. Create a New Trusted IP Range
  4. Enter the Range, then Save and You are done!
whitelist IP range in salesforce
Reference image

(B) Whitelisting IP Ranges for a particular profile

  1. Click on Setup within Salesforce
  2. In-Home tab, Enter the Profile in Quick Find/Search Box and Click on Profiles
  3. Click on your Desired Profile in which you want to add IP Range
  4. In section Login, IP Ranges, Click on New Button
  5. Enter the Range of IP, then Save and You are done!
trusted IP ranges salesforce
Reference image for profile-based IP whitelist

Additional Pointers

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a unique address or identifier that enables to distinguish a device on the internet or a local network.

We have two types of IP: static and dynamic, as the name states so are their behavior.

How to know your IP Address?

Google it and you will find plenty of free services for it. Or Try this link. We use IPv4 for these purposes.

IP Range or Particular IP?

You can do it as per the requirement. Like for an IP 49.**.8*.22*, you can whitelist the entire to

Similarly to whitelist all the IPs or remove the restriction of IP range-based login we can enable the range of to What it does is, it will enable the entire range of IPs to be restriction-free.

This shouldn’t be necessary though!

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