How to Create Custom Salesforce App using Salesforce App Builder | Insert App Logo

Table of Contents
SFDC Application and Salesforce App Builder
Create an app in Salesforce Classic experience
Creating a Custom App
Inserting a Logo / Doc in SFDC

SFDC Application and Salesforce App Builder

What is Salesforce application ?

An SFDC application is a logical container for all of the constituents like the objects, various tabs, other processes, and services associated with the given business outcome.

It is like a foundation step in any Salesforce project, an entry point for the client to get started.
One mobile => Many apps (Ex: WhatsApp, FB, etc)
Salesforce Org => Many apps (Ex: Sales, Marketing, etc)

What are the types of Salesforce applications?

There are two types of salesforce application one is Custom App and another one is standard or console. We can customize an existing custom app as well as build new apps by grouping standard and custom objects. Some standard available apps are Sales, Marketing, Community, etc.

Create an app in Salesforce Classic experience

Creating a custom app or object remains very similar in case of using both the Classic and Lightning versions. Below are the steps to follow at ease.

Go to setup icon on the salesforce org.
Step 1:
Setup > Create > App > New > App creation wizard

Custom Vs Console App
The Custom one is widely used in the commercial market for different business scenarios while the console one is suitable for managing customer issues only.

The by default option is standard and the created one is a custom Salesforce app.

Creating a Custom App

Follow the business perspective nomenclature, giving the company name upfront.

Step 2:

App label: App
App Name: auto-fills itself ( for internal purposes ).

Description: Give a description, handy for keeping logs of tasks for the team.

Custom Salesforce App snapshot
Custom Salesforce App snapshot

Step 3:

Insert the logo (can be done later as well)
A default logo by SF is auto-assigned based on the release it is. Every 4 months a new release, new logo, and 1000s of features come in the Salesforce Org.

Step 4:

Available tabs: Add the selected tabs
The home tab is compulsory.

Step 5:

Choose the Profiles or departments for the salesforce app to be available to.

Checking the visible radio button makes the salesforce app visible to that profile or dept. They can thereby see/work on that salesforce app.

The default radio button sets it as the default app visible to that dept or profile.

Whenever a “new user” from that dept will log into Salesforce, instead of showing him any other apps like Sales, Marketing, etc; the default app automatically opens up.

Hereby when the new user logs in to Salesforce, the default app will show rather than apps like sales, marketing, etc.
One Profile: One Default App only

Step 6:

Save this created application. You can further edit the application later as well to add the missing information.

Creating an application in Lightning experience is similar as well. You can also upgrade the classic application in the lightning application in one click.

Refer to the video for practical experience.

While the setup option is important for developers the tabs in the bar like home are useful for end-users.

Go to the plus sign in the tab bar.

  1. Click on Documents Tab
  2. Click on New
  3. Upload the image that you want to use as
  4. Make sure you check the “Externally Available Image” and the folder in which you are uploading this doc.
  5. Click Save.

Now you will find the attachment in the pop-up window for you try inserting a logo or a Doc.

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